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If you’re like most stay-at-home mums who are gearing up to get back into the workforce, you’re probably experiencing a mixture of excitement, apprehension, and uncertainty. These are all natural emotions for those in your situation, but uncertainty sometimes evolves into inaction and self-doubt, especially when it comes to taking those first few steps back into the working world. Interviewing is a key arena where uncertainty rules. Following are six tips designed to help you slay those interviews and land the job of your dreams.

Get Your Look Together

You’ll do better at the interview if you dress like someone who already works at the company. If the company has a social media page, that’s an excellent place to get a realistic picture of company culture when it comes to dress. Be sure to look at as many photos as possible — you don’t want to base your interview outfit on photos that were taken on a casual day. If you can’t find many photos online, you may have to do a low-level reconnaissance mission for a discreet view of what they’re wearing and how they’re wearing it.

Pay attention to makeup and accessories as well, and take your cue from any noticeable trends among the employees. When in doubt, always opt for understatement. You want the interviewers to concentrate on your skills and qualifications instead of being distracted by unconventional jewelry or makeup choices. Also, always turn the polish and professionalism up a notch when it comes to an interview look.

Get Your Social Media Ready

Speaking of social media, you should get yours ready to be seen by prospective employers before you begin the interview process. Make it squeaky clean by removing any photos of yourself enjoying cocktails with your besties, posts containing off-color language, or anything else that might be construed as unprofessional by potential employers. Chances are good that they’ll check your social media prior to the interview, so be sure to put your best face forward. Although many job seekers keep separate social media pages for their personal and professional lives, employers may be able to find your personal pages by performing a simple online search.

Get Your Homework Done

Very few applicants who’ve gone to an interview unprepared have ended up with the job. Researching the company is an essential part of preparing for an interview — you want to be able to speak cogently with the interviewer concerning various aspects of what the company actually does. You should also dig a little deeper than the job description to uncover more about what the particular job entails. Employers are more likely to onboard someone who’s done their research and shows an active interest in the goals and aspirations of the company. Understanding individual corporate culture is also important.

Get Help Practicing for the Interview

If it’s been several years since you’ve interviewed for a job, your interview skills may be a bit rusty. Doing practice interviews with a job coach or friend or relative who routinely does interviews as a part of his or her job helps applicants get past the initial stage fright phase. It also provides the opportunity to polish your responses to commonly asked interview questions.

Get Your Own Interview Questions Ready

One of the most important things to remember about job interviews is that they aren’t one-sided. You’ll also be using the interview to determine whether the job in question is the right fit for you. Making a list of pertinent questions helps reveal any hidden drawbacks or perks the position may have. This also shows prospective employers that you’re seeking the right job instead of just any job. It may actually turn out that the job just isn’t right for you, and that’s okay. It’s better to turn down a job or to come to an agreement with the employer that it’s not a good fit either way than to accept a job that’s a bad fit.

If you make a favorable impression on an employer but don’t end up getting hired, keep in mind that the interviewer nonetheless has the potential to become a valuable part of your network. Networking is essential for those reentering the job market.

Get Trained

Keep in mind that no amount of preparation, appropriate clothing, and interviewing finesse makes up for an outdated skill set, so consider sharpening your abilities prior to beginning your job search. One of the main advantages that those reentering the workforce enjoy is easy access to courses and other tools designed to get them job-ready.

The right job training gives applicants that extra boost of confidence that causes them to shine in interviews.

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