I enjoyed motherhood, and being able to spend time with my three kids, but after a five-year career break, I craved the mental challenge and adult interaction of the office. We relocated to Brisbane in 2015, and I felt it was a great opportunity to return to my career.

I attended the CareerSmart Mums workshop to refresh my job application skills and help me get back into the workforce.

Donna was incredibly inspiring and engaging and the workshop was everything I hoped for and more. I loved connecting with other mums in a similar stage of life, and also hearing the stories of mums who had successfully returned to work. One of the most valuable parts of the workshop for me was the guidance Donna provided on using LinkedIn. I also learned a lot about accessing the hidden job market.

After completing the workshop, I started my own business and worked from home for a year, before starting to apply for a more permanent position. With a background in policy for federal, state and territory governments, I wanted to use my expertise in a role that would be family-friendly.

Job hunting was slow going at first. But by following the advice and techniques I had learned in the CareerSmart Mums workshops, I ended up receiving three job offers!

I accepted a full-time role because it’s an exciting and challenging job in an area that I specialised in pre-kids. I love the variety of my work, and also the family-friendly conditions. I am able to work from home should I need to, and my employer also offers flexible working hours. After a few months in the role, I was able to successfully influence my employer to reduce my role to four days a week which allows me the perfect balance to contribute to my employer and my family.

Sometimes it’s a juggle fitting family and work all in. But I’m over the moon with my new life, and the flexible work conditions help me to do a job that I love.