If there’s one thing I knew after having my son Theo, it was that I couldn’t go back to my previous career as a social worker. I once loved the job but my passion for it had gone, and I just knew it wasn’t compatible with my new role as a Mum.

I’ve always been active and when Theo was around six months old, I started to think about how I could kick-start my career again. I wanted to find a new profession that would inspire me, but still allow me to spend time with Theo. After speaking to my neighbour, I heard about CareerSmart Mums and called Donna to sign up.

During the course, I had fun completing the activities to build my self-awareness and connecting with other women who were in the same boat. My confidence also increased as I became more aware of my strengths, skills and preferences.

I decided to become a Marriage Celebrant and left CareerSmart Mums with swags of knowledge, information, and resources to get me started on the journey to my new career.

Embracing tips from the course such as “find someone who is doing what you want to do and tap into their knowledge and expertise”, I organised a meeting with the celebrant who married me and my husband, Doug. I also reached out to a ‘celebrant to the stars’ never expecting to hear back. But he did contact me, and, after spending two hours with him, I felt incredibly inspired and equipped for success. All for the price of a couple of coffees.

These seasoned professionals allowed me to sit in on ceremonies, taught me how to use a PA, loaned me equipment, shared financial tips and even ceremony scripts – and all because I learnt to ask.

I’m now a couple of years in and my Brisbane business, Annie Grace Ceremonies, has gone from strength to strength. I love my job! Just recently baby Daisy joined our family, but what I know for sure is that I’ll be returning to my dream job when she’s ready.

  • Annie, Annie Grace Ceremonies, 2017