Career Smart Mums


Are you a mum thinking about going back to work who doesn’t know where to start??

Do you need support recognising the swag of transferable skills that you have developed and knowing how to present yourself to future employers?

Is your lack of confidence stopping you from pursuing an engaging job?

Do you need help working out what to do, writing a resume or knowing how to prepare for interviews?

CareerSmart Mums invites you to join a community of Mums, some of whom have gone on to their own businesses, got flexible jobs, commenced study or simply achieved some clarity on their future direction. Enjoy the benefits of a supportive group environment where you can build confidence, explore careers, hear wonderful guest speakers, discuss ways to overcome some of the barriers for working mums, and be inspired.


CareerSmart Mums Online Course

The CareerSmart Mums Online Course is for mums (of any age and stage) thinking about returning to work. At the end of the 4 modules you will:

  • have increased self-confidence and self-awareness;
  • identify a career direction or learn strategies to accelerate getting to that point;
  • recognise your skills and achievements and be able to articulate these to prospective employers;
  • know how to stand out in a recruitment process; and
  • be able to access more jobs and use strategies for negotiating flexible work.

You will also have access to a private Facebook group to interact with other course members and to ask any questions.

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CareerSmart Mums In Person Workshop

Our in-person CareerSmart Mums workshop is a four session workshop held over 4 weeks.

The next in-person workshop:

  • Run on demand, please express your interest below
  • Usual start time is 9.30am
  • Where: Everton Park, Brisbane

Each session runs for two and a half hours. During the program you will undertake a range of activities to enhance self-awareness and confidence and build your knowledge of the employment market. You will be introduced to a bunch of resources to assist your career planning and you will develop some practical job search skills to maximise your ability to successfully engage with work.

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Donna delivered the program in a professional, friendly, approachable manner with 100% support throughout the course and beyond.

Fantastic program. Would highly recommend attendance.

I thought the program was wonderful and very informative. I am looking more positively at searching for a job for when I actually decide what it is I want to do and feeling more confident in my ability to do so. Thanks Donna.

It’s a great program and I will be recommending it to other mums.

Thoughts from Past Participants